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Being a supplier is not one of the things ap16 aspire to be. We work with our clients to become partners, understanding their business intimately, sharing in the vision and direction that they want to achieve. To do this we work together towards solving real world business issues.

The Challenge

Integreon is a trusted partner and leading global LPO for leading law firms, helping clients deliver more for less and increasing the value they offer their own clients.  Integreon offers more predictable costs and outcomes, process engineering expertise and a flexible, scalable network of global resources delivering a full range of discovery, compliance and legal process outsourcing solutions.

Integreon has offices spread around the globe and provides its services to its clients from all of its global locations.  The solutions that Integreon provide also span a number of different software packages and services.

The challenge for ap16 was to build the kind of partnership with Integreon that Integreon builds with its clients:  for ap16 to become a trusted IT partner that could ease the delivery and management of business critical IT solutions.  A great starting point was that as organisations both companies have the same core ethics and beliefs and strive towards a partnership rather than a supplier client relationship.

Our Approach

Building trust in ability is paramount to creating a partnership and we needed to find something that showed this was possible.  Our first task was to get to grips with and plan an implementation of Office365 and SharePoint online.  To achieve this, we integrated ourselves into the Integreon project team that had been tasked with overseeing the project.  We helped the team engage with internal resources at Integreon, managed the implementation and ensured the successful delivery of the business requirements. 

Being a Microsoft Partner ensured that we were able to give immediate benefit to the team by ensuring that everything that was planned was aligned with best practice.  We assigned a team with a mix of technical ability and strategic business expertise. 

The benefit of working this way ensured that we were able to get a good understanding of the business as a whole and create some good personal relationships. 

The Outcome

The initial project was a success and the partnership was on a solid foundation. 

As a result of the project, the partnership has gone from strength to strength.  We have developed and delivered an appraisal system for the business and we support and enhance their Office 365/SharePoint environment as well as their Dynamics CRM system. 

Additionally, we are now starting to develop ‘value add’ systems for one of their major clients to support Integreon’s delivery of ‘Remarkable Results’.

The future

Integreon uses its infrastructure as one of its key strategic initiatives.   The partnership that we have built means that we are ideally placed to assist Integreon in the future. 

ap16 has consistently demonstrated its commitment to understand and deliver against client needs.

Bob Gogel, CEO Integreon.

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